Climate of Botswana

The climate of Botswana can be described as continental semi-arid. Due to the country’s location in the sub-tropical high pressure belt of the southern hemisphere in the interior of southern Africa far away from oceanic influences, rainfall is low and seasonal and diurnal ranges of temperature are high. The mean annual rainfall in Botswana varies from less than 250mm in the extreme southwestern part of the country to over 650mm in Kasane in the extreme north.

The highest mean monthly maximum temperatures range between 32 and 35 degrees C and are generally recorded in the month of October in the northern parts and January for the southern parts. The lowest mean monthly maximum temperatures, which range between 23 and 25 degrees C in the north and 21 and 23 degrees C in the southern regions are recorded in June and July. They tend to increase northwards and eastwards.

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