Sal Rei

Sal Rei Harbour

Travel to Sal Rei – Sleepy Island Capital in Transition

The peaceful town of Sal Rei, capital of Boavista, is situated towards the top of the west coast of the island, on the edge of the vast Baia de Sal Rei. Here, fishermen to and fro across the bay in colourful sailing boats whilst surfboarders seek the next big wave.

The golden past of the town, dating way back to the 19th century and beyond, may be coming back as property development is well underway with a large number of hotels and villages for tourists under construction.

Sat in the bay facing the port is a small island, the site of the fort of the Duque de Bragança – sadly, little remains of this today. Though there is little to do, other than activity-based pursuits, in Sal Rei itself, there are a few local attractions to visit within walking distance of town or further inland.

The only way of really discovering the island and getting off the beaten track is by 4WD though quad bikes and bikes are other options. Watersports are the main draw to the island, with good diving and fishing, and some excellent windsurfing at certain times of year.

Sal Rei is small enough to explore on foot and several short walks are possible.

  • An excellent place for watersports enthusiasts
  • A wide and growing choice of accommodation
  • A peaceful town for rest and relaxation


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