Vila do Maio

Typical guesthouse - Casita Verde

Travel to Vila do Maio – Sleepy Island Capital of Porto Inglês

Vila do Maio is located on the southern seashore of Maio Island and has an extensive golden sand beach. Local architecture reflects its colonial past, including the British presence on the island.

In olden days many English ships stopped here to load up with salt supplies – the port became known as Porto Inglês, which means English Port.

The town itself is located right next to the sea. Near the small port is a beautiful fine sandy beach, where the local fishing boats are moored. Nearby is a fortress that was built in the 18th century to defend the town from pirates. A little further on, and higher up, is a magnificent church, surrounded by beautiful flower gardens.

Vila do Maio is small enough to explore on foot, alternatively cycling is a possible activity subject to finding a bike to rent! Access to scuba-diving is improving all the time.

  • Visit the splendid white baroque church of Vila do Maio.
  • Discover a laid-back island capital.
  • A reasonable choice of accommodation and restaurants.


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