Assomado Streets

Travel to Assomada – Highland City of Santiago

Bang in the centre of the island, some 64 km from Praia, rises Assomada – Santiago’s second city. The twice-weekly African market is a major attraction for travellers passing through on an island tour. A couple of reasonable accommodation options make it practical to spend a night here if need be.

Very much an agricultural town, the local economy is based on cultivation of maize, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, bananas, together with cattle, pig and goat rearing – all sold in the bustling local market.

As well as the local African market, the small Museum of Tabanka might be of interest to those spending more time in the town. Near to Assomada, north along the main road, lies the green valley of Boa Entrada with an enormous centuries-old kapok tree.

Assomada can be explored easily on foot.

  • Experience a colourful twice-weekly African market.
  • Visit as a staging post on a round-island tour.
  • See an ancient kapok tree in the Boa Entrada valley.


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