Serra Malagueta National Park

Travel to Serra Malagueta National Park – Hiking in an Agricultural Heartland

Serra Malagueta National Park is another area of Santiago ideally suited to hiking – mostly on high paths which either lead down to the east coast, with expansive views of the agricultural valleys of the Ribeira de Principal, the Ribeira de Sao Miguel, or the Ribeira dos Flamengos.

On a clear day, the island of Maio can be seen in the east, but also the impressive Pico and caldera of Fogo! Alternatively, some trails lead down to the west coast.

Walking is the best way to experience the scenery of Serra Malagueta National Park. Transfers to the start and end of walks are best done by private vehicle unless you have time to wait for passing ‘aluguers’.

  • Discover the agricultural valleys of Santiago on foot.
  • Enjoy a variety of scenic guided walks in and across the National Park.
  • Combine a few days hiking in Serra Malagueta with Pico da Antónia.


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