Tarrafal Beach

Travel to Tarrafal – Fine Beach on the Bay of Tarrafal

Tarrafal is the main settlement of northern Santiago. This sleepy Cape Verdean town lies on the far northwest coast on the Bay of Tarrafal. In a style reminiscent of the Caribbean, a green valley full of coconut palms opens out into an intensely blue bay across an inviting beach of white soft sand. This laid-back place is an ideal spot to spend either a night – to allow a more leisurely two day exploration of Santiago – or as a base for two or three days.

The town of Tarrafal, situated on a hillside behind the bay, has traditionally been devoted to fishing with most of its population engaged in work connected with either fishing or agriculture. Traditional wooden fishing boats provide a colourful focal point for views over the beach and bay, together with local sports enthusiasts, sunbathers, fishermen and a variety of local dogs.

Other than wandering around the fairly rundown town, accompanied by a variety of dogs, the beach is the only real attraction in Tarrafal. There is also a small museum.

A variety of half day or full day hikes can be arranged through local operators, accompanied by a local guide. Diving can also be arranged locally in Tarrafal though operators do seem to change from year to year.

Enjoy a sunset drink overlooking the beach at Baia Verde open-air restaurant.

Tarrafal town is small enough to be explored easily on foot.

  • Relax on a beautiful white sandy beach lined with coconut trees.
  • An ideal base for exploring northern Santiago.
  • Water-based activities are available on the Baia do Tarrafal (Bay of Tarrafal).


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