Santo Antao Island

Travel to Santo Antao Island – Lost World of the Atlantic

Santo Antao is without doubt the most impressive of all the islands of Cape Verde. With an extensive mountain range with altitudes exceeding 1,500m at several points, which splits the island into two distinct parts, Santo Antao is a hiker’s paradise. An island bursting with jagged peaks and deep ribeiras (valleys) provides splendid terrain (and a stunning backdrop) to island walks.

Along the middle of the island, a mountain range runs from northeast to southeast ending at the high spot of Tope de Coroa (1,979m) – a relatively recent volcanic peak. Other major peaks include Pico da Cruz (1,584m) to the northeast and Guido do Cavaleiro (1,812m) in the centre.

The road journey from Porto Novo to Ribeira Grande, across the rugged spine of the island is, perhaps, one of the greatest road journeys on the planet, an amazing 29km route, hand-cut and laid from volcanic stone. With mesmerizing views in all directions the road snakes, twists and turns over ridges and across seemingly bottomless gorges until finally descending to the north coast.

The island vegetation is diverse with eucalyptus, cypress and pine in the high zones and herbaceous vegetation in the arid south. The peaks are sharp and steep whilst the coast is very picturesque – worn away by northeast winds and rough seas. The well preserved Cova crater is a reminder of the island’s volcanic past.

  • Cape Verde’s premier island for mountain scenery and hiking
  • Traverse one of the world’s most remarkable and dramatic cobbled roads
  • Best island for botanists with a real diversity of tree and plant life


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