Sao Vicente Island

Travel to Sao Vicente Island – Island of Music, Culture and Art

The island of Sao Vicente is regarded as the unofficial home of culture in Cape Verde, offering an almost European atmosphere in Mindelo, its cosmopolitan capital. Nightlife and music is the most extensive on the islands. Each year in August the music festival at Baia das Gatas attracts huge crowds, as does the Rio-style carnival in mid-February.

Although volcanic in origin, the island is quite flat with Monte Verde its highest point at 774m. Some craters do still remain, including the impressive Bay of Mindelo. The population only really started to grow in 1838 when a coal deposit was established on the island to supply ships on Atlantic routes.

Sao Vicente does have some fine sandy beaches and is regarded as one of the world’s best windsurfing destinations. A couple of nights in Mindelo to soak up music, art and culture may be enough for most visitors before taking the ferry across to the imposing peaks of Santo Antão.

  • Experience a colourful carnival or a full moon festival
  • Stay a couple of nights en route to the peaks and ribeiras of Santo Antão
  • Relax and slip into a vibrant cultural scene


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