Beach at Mindelo

Travel to Mindelo – Centre of Music, Art and Culture

After Praia, Mindelo is Cape Verde’s second city – a happening place that will appeal to those in search of artistic, musical and cultural experiences.

Mindelo has well laid out streets and some good examples of English architecture. There are monuments from colonial times and a beautiful avenue running along the length of the shore. Night life is animated by the swaying rhythm of local music in the lively bars and discotheques.

The town of Mindelo was named in honour of the liberal troops who disembarked on the beach of the same name in the north of Portugal.

Mindelo became an important port as it was a stopping point for ships from all over the world where sailors of many nationalities met together in the local bars and cafés. At the same time, the town became on important cultural centre where music, literature and sports were encouraged and developed.

Mindelo is home to several minor attractions – mainly distinctive buildings – worth taking in on a walking tour of the capital. The February carnival celebrations in Mindelo are the most animated in the whole archipelago. Carnival here has its roots in Portuguese celebrations whilst also absorbing some typically Brazilian characteristics. August sees the Baia das Gatas Festival.

Excellent facilities exist for windsurfing with the beach of São Pedro considered to be one of the best on the island. Easy walks can be taken along the coastal road, whilst cycling and horse-riding are also available locally at the Foya Branca Hotel at São Pedro. A good cobbled road leads up to the top of Monte Verde, the island’s high point, for uninterrupted views on a clear day.

Mindelo is small enough to explore on foot. Taxis are readily available.


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