Travel to Jamestown – Laid-back Capital of St. Helena

Jamestown is the capital of the island of St Helena. It consists of just a single street as well as a deep-sided valley or around 500 feet. Though difficult to get to you’ll be rewarded with rich historical attractions as well as traditional local bars and clubs and the opportunity to relax by swimming and fishing.

Jamestown was founded in 1659, when the English East India Company built a fort at James Bay, naming it after the Duke of York.

There are many places of historical interest in Jamestown that are worth a visit. These include the cenotaph; a war memorial that displays the names of islanders that lost their lives in the second world war, the archives; island records which date back from 1673 or St James’ Church; the oldest Anglican church in the southern hemisphere which dates back from 1774. There is also the Museum of St Helena which was opened to celebrate the 500th anniversary of St Helena and which is located in an old 18th century building.

One of the main things to do in Jamestown is attempt to climb the 699 steps of Jacob’s Ladder which were originally built in 1829, however, if this is too strenuous then you can always go fishing from the wharf, swim in the only public pool, go on excursions to famous Jamestown attractions or just relax in the pubs and clubs whilst listening to traditional music.

Relax in Jamestown by visiting the swimming pool or spending time in the peaceful castle gardens. Then in the evening you can check out the local island pubs.

There aren’t many roads, however, you can hire a car or join an organised guided tour. Otherwise you can get around on foot.

  • Learn more about the island’s capital at the Museum of St Helena.
  • Relax in tranquil gardens before listening to traditional music at local pubs and clubs.
  • Visit historical attractions which adorn the town.


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