Forêt de Day

Travel to Forêt de Day – Djibouti’s Only National Park

Forêt de Day is Djibouti’s only national park and it is located high in the Goda Mountains. Regular rain allows a tiny remnant forest to remain, which in turns makes this a good wildlife-watching spot. The forest is at 1500 metres altitude and temperatures between night and day vary considerably.

Walk in the remarkable Forêt de Day National Park where on the massif of Mt Goda, the primeval forest reaches a height of 1500m above sea level, an amazing contrast with the parched arid landscapes down below. Plants and trees flourish, in particular ancient juniper, fig, box wood and wild olive. Wildlife that you may spot here includes birds, scorpions, monkeys and maybe even leopards.

Hiking is excellent in the Forêt de Day National Park and guides can lead you to waterfalls and mountain tops for spectacular views and the chance to explore a magnificent landscape.

  • Hike in the Goda Mountains.
  • Attempt to spot all manner of wildlife including the elusive leopard.
  • Explore forests, mountains and waterfalls.


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