Travel to Arta – Snorkel and Relax at Beautiful Beaches

Arta is a city located in southeastern Djibouti. It has around 6,200 inhabitants and is the capital of the Arta Region.

In 2000, peace talks between various factions of the Somali Civil War were held in Arta, resulting in the establishment of the Transitional National Government of Somalia.

From Arta you can join excursions to the Presidential Palace, the Central Market, Le Marche Central, Lac Abbé, lac Goubet, Lac Assal, Grand Bara, Petit Bara, the Gulf of Tadjoura, Obock and Tadjoura. You can also visit Arta Beach where it’s possible to spot turtles, dolphins and whale sharks whilst snorkelling and relaxing at the beautiful beach.

  • Spot a wealth of marine life including whale sharks.
  • Enjoy excursions to other popular tourist attractions.
  • Relax on beautiful beaches.


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