Gulf of Tadjoura

Travel to Gulf of Tadjoura – Superb Diving Location

The Gulf of Tadjoura is a gulf or basin of the Indian Ocean in the Horn of Africa, lying to the south of the straits of Bab-el-Mandeb, or the entrance to the Red Sea. Most of its coastline is the territory of Djibouti, except for a short stretch on the southern shore which is part of the territory of Somalia.

Ports on the Gulf of Tadjoura include Obock, Tadjoura and Djibouti City.

The Afar name Tagórri derives from the noun tágor or tógor, The name Tagórri is specifically derived from tagór-li, which means “qui a des outre à puiser” (“that which has goatskin flasks to draw water”), in effect meaning “abondante en eau” (“abundant with water”).

Tadjoura originally was the seat of the Afar Ad-Ali Abli Sultanate as well as a port. While during the 1880s the port served as a distribution point for rifles and ammunition to Shewa and Ethiopia. Tadjoura’s importance inevitably declined with the construction of the Franco-Ethiopian railway, which began service on 22 July 1901, extended to Dire Dawa 17 months later, and finally to Addis Ababa on 3 December 1929.

Tadjoura itself has a backdrop of the Goda Mountains and a distinctly Arab, it dates back to the 12th century and is one of the oldest towns on the East African coast. For many years numerous caravans departed from here on a tough and hostile journey into the empire of Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). Rimbaud also spent a year here in 1886 and the house in which he stayed can still be seen today. The local artisans are also of some interest: the famous curved knife of the Afar nomads, known as poignard, are made in the town. A stroll around the palm tree-lined streets to perhaps search out a couple of the seven mosques makes for a good trip.

Simply stroll around the historic African town of Tadjoura absorbing the sights, sounds and smells. Or by the Gulf itself you will find some good beaches and places to go diving where you’ll see drop-offs to twenty meters, large schools of trevally, barracuda and batfish as well as giant reef rays and turtles.

  • Exlore the historic town of Tadjoura.
  • Dive in pristine waters.
  • Visit local port towns such as Obock.


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