Lac Abbé

Lac Abbe

Travel to Lac Abbé – Spectacular Moonscape Environment

Lac Abbé is a salt lake which lies on the border of Ethiopia and Djibouti. It is known for its limestone chimneys which are 50 meters high and its shores are inhabited by the nomadic Afar people. It is also a good spot for bird watchers and you can even see flamingos here.

The lake is on the spot where three tectonic plates meet which explains the activity in the area. The chimneys are all on fault lines and the hot water below has formed the high pinnacles. In the local language “Abbé” means rotten which describes the smell which is emmitted from the chimneys.

Here you’ll see unique moonscape scenery dotted with hundreds of unusual calcareous chimneys. Regarded by many to be one of the most desolate landscapes on earth, part of the original Planet of the Apes movie was even filmed here. You will also see an abundance of birdlife including flamingos as well as a spectacular and breathtaking sunrise and sunset.

  • Spot an abundance of birds.
  • Marvel at the spectacular lunar like landscape.
  • See 50m high “chimney” pinnacles.


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