Musha Island

Travel to Musha Island – Designated Marine Park

Musha Island is a small coral island of Djibouti, at the center of the Gulf of Tadjoura.

The island, less than 3 km long, is surrounded by the smaller Maskali Island, a few islets and a coral reef. All these islands, sometimes called Musha Islands, are a well known diving site. It is also a designated marine park, therefore all fishing, shell and coral collecting is prohibited here.

Musha Island is considered a paradise for divers. There are lots of bright colours inside the deep sea that vary from the corals to a variety of colourful fish. If you have a keen interest in birds, the mangrove forests which fringe some of the islands are also worth a closer look. Depending on the migrating period, Ospreys, Egyptian vultures, Ibis and Herons have been spotted here. Djibouti is said to have over 343 species of different bird species throughout the country. The beaches around Musha and Maskali Islands are regarded as some of the best in the nation with excellent snorkelling around well-protected coral reefs as well as superb dive sites.

  • Spot a variety of birds such as herons and osprey.
  • Snorkel to see numerous fish species.
  • Enjoy the spectacular island scenery.


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