Travel to Eritrea – Off the Beaten Track in Africa

Eritrea is a country that is located in East Africa and is bordered by the Red Sea, Djibouti, Sudan and Ethiopia.

When travelling to Eritrea you should exercise caution as the Eritrean government has placed restrictions on travel outside the capital city. Be sure to check the situation before travelling. However, the country has plenty to offer for the intrepid traveller.

You can experience traditional African life or see Eritrea’s natural attractions and wildlife such as elephants, lions, baboons, gazelles, leopards, ostriches and turtles as well as an abundance of marine life.

For an African adventure off the beaten track, head to Eritrea for an experience unlike any other.

  • Attend local cultural festivals.
  • See wildlife such as elephants and lions.
  • Spot an abundance of marine life along the Red Sea coastline.
  • Relax on stunning beaches.
  • Enjoy activities such as cycling, snorkelling and scuba diving.


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