Travel to Assab – Beaches, Markets and Nightlife

Assab (otherwise known as Aseb) is a port city in the Southern Red Sea Region of Eritrea on the west coast of the Red Sea. Nearby is the site of the ancient city of Arsinoe. Arsinoe was an ancient city of the Avalitæ. The city was founded by Ptolemy II and named for Arsinoe II of Egypt, his wife and sister.

Assab is known for its large market, beaches and nightlife and you can get here by flying into Assab International Airport. Assab is very hot during summer months, temperatures may reach a high of 54°C (129°F) in July and August.
Here you can relax and sunbathe on the many beaches, or perhaps go snorkelling and scuba diving in order to see fascinating marine life.

  • Sunbathe and relax at the beach.
  • Visit the local markets.
  • See the ancient city of Arsinoe.


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