Adi Keyh

Travel to Adi Keyh – Home to Ancient Ruins

Adi Keyh (also known as Adi Caie, Addi Caieh, Adi Ciah, Adi Keih, Adi Keyih and Adi Kaie.) is a market town in Eritrea which is located approximately 110 kilometers southeast of the capital, Asmara. It lies almost 2,500 metres above sea level and has a population of around 25,000 people.

The main attraction in the town of Adi Keyh is the ruins of Qohaito and Toconda which are located near the town. Qohaito was a pre-Aksumite city that lies over 2,500 meters above sea level in the Debub region of Eritrea. It is often identified as the town known to the Ancient Greeks as Koloe. Rock art near the town appears to indicate habitation in the area since the fifth millennium BC, while the town is known to have survived to the sixth century AD.

  • See local life in Eritrea.
  • Visit the ruins of Qohaito and Toconda.


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