Traditional Pots in Afar

Travel to Afar – Ethnic Division of Ethiopia

Thanks to its numerous and magnificent natural and archeological attractions, Afar is one of the most interesting regions to be visited while in Ethiopia.

Afar is one of the nine ethnic divisions of Ethiopia and the homeland of the Afar people. The region lies east and south of the Abyssinian highlands and is bordered by Eritrea and Djibouti to the east. Formerly known as Region 2, its current capital is Asayita. A new capital named Semera on the paved Awash – Asseb highway is under construction.

The Afar Region has consistently turned up evidence of the earliest hominids, from the Lucy dig in 1973 to the discoveries in the last decade of Arbi Pithecus Ramidus and Arbi Pithecus Ramidus Kadaba that are said to be a million years old.

Afar Depression, Erta-Ale active volcanic movement, Awash natural reserve, Yangundi-Rassa national park, Hadar, and Aramis areas are the major tourist attractions of the region. The Hot springs and Afar cultural visit also worth experiencing. Afar is home to peculiar wildlife. Grevy’s Zebra, wild fox, wild cat, cheetah and ostrich are among the major wild animals found in the region’s national parks.

The best way to get around is by joining a guided tour, however you can use a four wheel drive vehicle.

  • Explore exciting and beautiful landscapes.
  • Meet Ethiopia’s Afar tribes.


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