Bale Mountains

Bale Mountains

Travel to Bale Mountains National Park – Home to Rare Wildlife Species

Thanks to its vast moorlands, the lower reaches covered with St John’s wort, extensive heath, virgin woodlands, pristine mountain steams and its alpine climate, the Bale Mountains National Park is one of the most beautiful and important attractions in Ethiopia.

The Bale Mountains contains three distinct ecoregions respectively, the northern plains, bush and woods; the central Sanetti Plateau with an average elevation of over 4000 metres; and the southern Harenna Forest, known for its mammals, amphibians and birds including many endemic species. The central Sanetti Plateau is home to the largest population of the rare and endangered Ethiopian wolves.

The Bale Mountains National Park was created in 1970 in the Oromia Region of southeast Ethiopia, covering an area of about 2200 square kilometres. Within its boundaries are some of the highest points in Ethiopia, which include Mount Batu.

The establishment of this park was crucial to the survival of the mountain nyala, Meneliks bushbuck and Siemen red fox.

Bale Mountains National Park offers its visitors a magnificent landscape, beautiful streams, three distinct and different ecoregions with endemic animals and the proximity to some of the highest points in Ethiopia. Wildlife that you may see here includes jackals, monkeys, mountain nyala and rock hyrax.

Visitors to the Bale Mountains National Park can enjoy high-altitude horse and foot trekking as well as fishing in the mountain’s nine rivers and streams.

Relax by enjoying a horse trek by day and camping in the park by night. Or simply take in the scenery whilst spotting beautiful bird and wildlife.

You can reach certain areas of the park by car but otherwise you can walk or go on horse back.

  • Visit one of the most beautiful parks in Ethiopia.
  • Trek or horse ride into the mountains.
  • Spot rare wildlife.


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