Yangudi Rassa National Park

Ethiopian Flora

Travel to Yangudi Rassa National Park – Mountains, Plains and Endemic Species

Yangudi Rassa National Park is home to numerous wildlife species and habitats in the park include Riverine forests, marshes and small lakes, dry riverbeds, rocky hills, sandy semi-desert and wooded grasslands.

Yangudi Rassa National Park is located in the Afar Region in the arid northern Rift lowlands, covering an area of 4,730 square kilometres. The area includes Mount Yangudi and the surrounding Rassa Plains and it is traversed by the Awash river. This national park was proposed in 1977 in order to protect the African Wild Ass.

Among the park unsusual animals include the Somali wild ass, ancestor to the domestic donkey. Other mammals that you may spot are Beisa Oryx, Soemmering’s and Dorcas gazelle, gerenuk and Grevy’s zebra, kudu and cheetah. There are also more than 250 bird species here.

Getting to and around the park is best by four wheel drive vehicle.

  • Spot endemic wildlife to the area.
  • Explore mountains, grasslands and forests.
  • See over 250 species of bird.


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