Lake Awasa

Travel to Lake Awasa – Fishing and Bird Watching in Abundance

Known for its peace and serenity, its gentle chain of mountains, swampy bays interspersed with volcanic rocks, sandy shores with bare rocky hills and endless species, Lake Awasa is a place where every formation of terrain imaginable can be found.

Lake Awasa is located in the Rift Valley south of Addis Ababa with a surface area of 129 square kilometres and an elevation of 1708 metres. The lake teems with a great variety of fish and endless species of birds including eagle and  hippo.

Bird watching is a popular activity here and you can take the 3.4km Shoreline Trail around the lake for the best viewing opportunities. Birds that you may see include eagles amongst others. You can also rent boats at Lake Awasa in order to spot hippos and you can go fishing at the lake.

Relax by bird watching or sitting on the shores of the lake absorbing the peaceful atmosphere with fantastic views.

  • Spot eagles amongst other bird species.
  • Take a boat out to see hippos in the lake.
  • Walk the Shoreline Trail around the lake for fantasic views.


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