Mago National Park

Travel to Mago National Park – Birds, Wildlife and Tribal People

Mainly Savannah with some forested areas around the rivers, the Mago National Park offers its visitors an incredible spectacle of big game in a truly natural state. The area is also known for its distinct inhabitants, the Mursi people and a wide range of mammals .

Mago National Park is a sanctuary that was established in 1979 on the eastern bank of the Omo river. It was set up to conserve the large number of plains animals in the area, mainly buffalo, giraffe and elephant. Also seen in the park are topi and lelwel hartbeest, lion, leopard, Burchell’s zebra, gerenuk and greater and lesser kudu. Birds are also typical of the park featuring hornbills, weavers and starlings.

The park territory embraces savannah, acacia forest and the Neri Swamp. The 2,162 square kilometres of this park are divided by the Mago River, a tributary of the Omo River, into two parts. The park office is 115 kilometres north of Omorate and 26 kilometres southwest of Jinka.

The park’s perhaps best known attraction are the Mursi people, who inhabit villages along the Omo, known for piercing their lips and inserting disks made of clay.

In Mago National Park it is possible to take game drives, camp or to visit a traditional village to meet tribes which are very culturally different to the rest of the people in Ethiopia.

Relax by camping in the park in order to experience the sights and sounds of the African plains up close and personal.

It is possible to hire a four wheel drive vehicle from the tourist office in Jinka in order to get around the park. Or better still  join an organised safari.

  • Meet unique Ethiopian tribes.
  • Camp in the park for the ultimate bush experience.
  • Spot wildlife such as giraffes, elephants and lions.


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