Nechisar National Park

Travel to Nechisar National Park – Bird and Wildlife in Abundance

Nechisar National Park is a heaven for numerous species of birds and mammals, located in eastern North Omo Zone near Arba Minch and it is named after the white grass that covers the plains. Its 514 square kilometres of territory include the “Bridge of God,” an isthmus between Lakes Abaya and Chamo and the Nechisar plains east of the lakes. The park was established in 1974 as a sanctuary for the endemic Swayne’s heartbeest, an endangered subspecies throughout Ethiopia.

Wildlife in the park include Plains Zebra, Grant’s Gazelle, Dik-dik and the Greater Kudu as well as one of the last three populations of the endangered Swayne’s Hartebeest, endemic to Ethiopia. A stretch of the northwest shore of Lake Chamo is known as Crocodile Market,where hundreds of Crocodiles gather to sun themselves.

Activities here include bird watching, game driving, fishing in Lake Chama and Abaya and you can also visit a nearby crocodile farm.

Relax by simply taking in the spectacular scenery, watching the bird and wildlife and absorbing the atmosphere.

  • See crocodiles in abundance at Lakes Abaya and Chamo.
  • Spot wildlife such as hippos, zebras and pelicans.
  • Explore grasslands, forests, wooded valleys and streams.


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