Simien Mountains

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Travel to Simien Mountains – Spectacular Mountain Massif and National Park

Thanks to its gushing waterfalls, great gorges and gullies, jagged mountain peaks, and deep valleys, Simien National Park is a real paradise and one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world attracting numerous walkers, hikers and trekkers on Simien mountain trekking holidays and tours.

The park is home to some extremely rare animals such as the Gelada baboon, the Simien fox and the Walia ibex, a goat found nowhere else in the world. Often compared with the Grand Canyon of the United States of America, the Simien massif was declared in 1978 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Simien National Park is located in the Semien Gondar zone of the Amhara Region. Its territory covers the Simien Mountains and includes Ras Dashen, the highest point in Ethiopia and fourth-highest in Africa (4,620 metres).

20 kilometres north-east of Gondar, The Simien Mountains National Park was established in 1969 and covers 179 square kilometres of highland.

Trekking is the principal activity which takes place in the Simien mountains. With trekking circuits possible from a few days to a couple of weeks, this is one of the world’s top spots for adventurous trekking in a spectacular and dramatic mountain environment.

Trekking holidays in the Simien mountains are supported by mules who carry equipment and baggage, and are accompanied by experienced local mountain guides. There is no accommodation available en route other than for sleeping in tents in wild camp locations. This is a region for experienced mountain walkers only.

Private transport is required to reach the start and end points of a Simien mountain trekking holiday.


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