Travel to Jimma – Italian Influenced Town

Being the largest town in western Ethiopia and dotted with many facilities such as shops, hotels and restaurants, Jimma is among the cities in Ethiopia that are worth a visit. You’ll also find numerous cultural attractions here.

Lying to the west of the great Rift valley, Jimma was once the capital of the Kaffa Province. Originally named Hirmata, the city owed its importance in the 19th century to being located on the caravan route between Shewa and the Kingdom of Kaffa, as well as being only 6 miles from the palace of the king of Jimma.

The present town was developed on the Awetu River by Italian colonialists in the 1930s. At that time, with the goal of weakening the native Ethiopian Church, the Italians intended to make Jimma an important centre of Islamic learning.

The town today boasts some good examples of 1930s Italian facist architecture that can be seen in the cinema, post office, the old hotels and the municipality.

Jimma is home to the astonishing Oromo Monarch’s Palace of abba Jifar as well as a museum and several markets.  Browse the local markets or simply spend some time exploring the city and learning about the area.

  • Browse local markets.
  • Visit the museum for a cultural insight to the city.
  • See Italian influenced architecture.



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