Nairobi National Railway Museum

Beside the main Nairobi Railway Station is a Museum devoted to the history of Kenya’s Railroads. Anybody interested in knowing more about the history of the famed Kenya/Uganda railway should definitely take the time to see the museum.

Many historic engines and rolling stock from the original colonial railway are on display here. One of the best known is the carriage that was used during the hunt for the Maneater of Kima in 1900. In a case not unlike the earlier tale of the Maneaters of Tsavo a lion halted the construction of the line with repeated attacks on the labour camps. A colonial officer, Captain Charles Ryall, and some other men positioned themselves in a rail carriage one night in an effort to shoot the man-eater. Unfortunately they all fell asleep, and the lion slipped into the carriage under cover of darkness, took Ryall into his mouth and sprang through a window.

This macabre tale is just one of the many stories told by the antique stock in this Museum.


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