Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park

Around 60 km out of Nairobi is Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park centred around an imposing 2,146 metre mountain. The local Mkamba name for this peak is Kilimambogo, or “Buffalo Mountain”, an appropriate name given the large population of Mbogo (Buffalo) that live in the surrounding montane forest and plainland. The park is also a refuge for colobus monkeys, bushbuck, duiker, leopard and numerous bird species.

There is a 9 km walk from the main gate to the summit that must be accompanied by an armed KWS ranger. The walk takes approximately 3 hours and must be pre-booked with KWS. It is possible to drive to the summit by 4WD, from where you will get stunning views.

Just outside the park, the waters of the Tana river cascade 27 metres down through a series of spectacular cataracts, forming the “14 falls”.


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