Baringo Community Museum

African Python has its dinner!

The Baringo Community Museum and Reptile Park was opened at Lake Baringo on April 15th. The Museum has been established to educate local people and visitors about reptile species. Baringo is well known for its reptiles. Hot, dry and rocky, this is perfect country for lizards and snakes, while the fresh waters of the Lake are home to a healthy population of crocodiles.

The museum was established by Community Museums of Kenya, an organization which believes that natural and cultural treasures should not be removed and displayed in distant museums, but retained in their own environment, so that both visitors and local communities can benefit from this wealth of heritage.

The museum is open daily, displaying several species of snakes, including the Black Mamba, Puff Adder, Boomslang and Spitting Cobra as well as Monitor Lizards, Crocodiles and a central pit shared by endangered tortoises and harmless Stripe Bellied Sand Snakes.


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