Southern Kenya

Travel to Southern Kenya – Great Game Parks & Kilimanjaro

Southern Kenya is home to wide dry plains, where the horizons stretch into the furthest distance and become one with the sky.

Africa’s largest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, lies just over the border in Tanzania, but the most impressive views of its snow-capped peak are to be found on the Kenyan side. The early light of dawn turns the mountain a dark hue of purple, and its snows into an ethereal pink. The sight of Kilimanjaro high above herds of elephant crossing the plains is a timeless African image.

The relative proximity of Amboseli, Tsavo East and Tsavo West to the beaches of the Kenyan coast make it an ideal safari destination for those wishing to combine a safari and beach holiday.

  • On safari see large herds of elephant, their hides often a luminous red with dust, as well as lion, buffalo, eland, giraffe, impala, kudu and possibly rhinoceros.
  • Enjoy a classic view of Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli National Park – and hope that those elephants wander across your camera viewfinder!
  • Take to the water and see wildlife from a different perspective on a thrilling rafting adventure on the Tsavo River.


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