Chyulu Hills National Park

The Chyulu Hills are considered to be some of the youngest volcanic mountains in the world, born out of the earth only 500 years ago. The beautiful hills are bordered by an expanse of black lava flow known as Sheitani, the source of many local legends.

This is a paradise of elephant herds, plains game, cheetah, remote Maasai villages and wonderful views of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Chyulu Hills National Park was opened in January 1983 to protect its unique habitat and role as a vital catchment area. The Chyulus are a volcanic mountain range with a mix of volcanic cones, the most interesting of which is Shetani, meaning “Devil” in Swahili, and barren lava flows.

The park allows a number of activities: horse riding, hiking, camping, archaeological and geological safaris with caves to explore and fantastic view across the Amboseli and Tsavo plains.


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