Western Kenya

Travel to Western Kenya – Old Volcano, Rainforest & Big Lake

At Kenya’s western frontier lies the great expanse of Lake Victoria. The lake is the heart of the African continent, the source of its mightiest river, the Nile.

The forests of Western Kenya are thicker and wetter than those in the rest of the country. These forests support more than just a diverse range of tree and plant species; they are also the territory of a wide range of wildlife, from rare chameleons to elephant herds, elusive leopards, colourful butterflies, monkey families and prolific birdlife.

Rising from the jungles that border Uganda, Mount Elgon is an impressively craggy extinct volcano. This remote region makes for interesting trekking through deep forest and across broad moorlands.

  • Experience Lake Victoria on a boat ride to and around the islands of Mfangano, Ruinga and Takawiri.
  • In the thick bush of remote Ruma National Park, search for two very rare species of antelope – the large Roan and the tiny Oribi.
  • Trek the ancient volcanic slopes of Mount Elgon and search for cave-dwelling elephants.


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