Nile Valley, Pyramids & Lost Temples

Sudan is a remarkable country steeped in culture, wild desert, history and colourful people. Also known as the ‘forgotten Egypt’, throughout history Sudan has been a transit area between the Mediterranean and Egypt and a mysterious black continent to the south. This is a destination for the curious explorer. From endless desert and real camel caravans to red sea diving and colourful markets with few other travellers, travel in Sudan is a delight.

Sudan is home to some 150 ethnic groups and has more ancient pyramids than Egypt! Roads are mainly unpaved and rough with many desert tracks. Infrastructure is limited after years of instability and many areas are still out of bounds to travellers. Northern Sudan, however, is a different story. The magical River Nile snakes a course north, criss-crossing the Sahara desert, from Khartoum to the lands of Nubia. Along the Nile valley lie archaeological sites of ancient Egyptian and Meroitic civilizations, many not fully excavated.

Highlights of Northern Sudan

  • Pause at the meeting place of the Blue and White Niles in Khartoum
  • Meet hospitable Nubians and explore Old Dongola
  • Marvel at Meroe – the Royal Pyramids of the Necropolis
  • Camp out under a blanket of stars in the Sahara
  • Climb Jebel Barkal for a bird’s eye view of its nearby pyramids

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