Travel to Darfur (Western Sudan) – Lands of Far Western Sudan

Darfur is a region of far western Sudan, bordering the Central African Republic, Libya, and Chad. It is divided into three federal states within Sudan: Gharb Darfur (West Darfur), Janub Darfur (South Darfur), and Shamal Darfur (North Darfur).

Darfur is currently in the midst of an ongoing humanitarian crisis originating from the conflict between Janjaweed militias and rebel groups (namely the Sudan Liberation Movement and Justice and Equality Movement).

Darfur is huge and covers an area just over two-thirds the size of France and more than half the size of Kenya. It is largely an arid plateau with the Marrah Mountains (Jebel Marra), a range of volcanic peaks rising up to 3000 m (10,100 ft), in the centre of the region. The region’s main towns are Al Fashir, Nyala, and Geneina.


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