Khartoum National Museum

Khartoum National Museum is located east of the Hilton Hotel on Sharia Al Neel (Nile Avenue). The museum is extremely well-organized and has artifacts from ancient Sudan and also has many Christian Era art treasures. There are three large buildings outside the main museum in which visitors may see Egyptian monuments and temples saved from the flooding of the Aswan Dam – moved to Khartoum for viewing.

The Nile flood from the construction of the Aswan High Dam threatened to destroy many priceless monuments and artifacts near the border with Egypt in the area known as Nubia – and led to one of the most remarkable rescue operations in recent years. Following an international appeal in 1960 by the government of Egypt and Sudan, through UNESCO, whole temples and tombs were moved hundreds of miles to Khartoum to be reconstructed at the Sudan National Museum.

Some of these archaeological remains, almost perfectly preserved, date back nearly four thousand years while the Christian frescoes on display represent the richest collection discovered so far in the Nile Valley. It seems incredible that water colours dating back to the eighth and ninth centuries should have retained such clarity and brightness.


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