Nuba Mountains

Nuba Mountains

Travel to Nuba Mountains – Mountain Tribes and Villages

Located to the southwest of Khartoum, the Nuba Mountains are a mountain range in Kordofan, a province in central Sudan. The mountains cover an area roughly 40 miles wide by 90 miles long, and are 1500 to 3000 feet higher in elevation than the surrounding plain.

It is arid there, but lush and green compared with most nearby areas. The rainy season extends from mid-May to mid-October, and annual rainfall ranges from 400 to 800 mm, allowing grazing and seasonal rain-fed agriculture.

Towns in the region include Rashad, Heiban, Kadugli and El Odaiya. The mountains are lush and green. Travel within the mountains is difficult with no roads and most villages only accesible by paths.

The Nuba Mountains are inhabited by both indigenous Nuba people and many other ethnic groups such as Arabs (mostly Baggara), Bargu, Barnu, Fellata, the last three groups migrated from western Sudan to the region.

The Nuba people are collectively called Nuba, although they are members of several different ethnic and linguistic groups. About 23% of the population are Baggara (cattle herders), largely consisting of Hawazma, Messiria, Awlad Himayd, Kinana and others Arabs groups.

There is also a small number of Arab traders, called Jellaba. Historically the area was home to the Taqali state.


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