Ancient Site of Naga

Naga Statues

Travel to Ancient Site of Naga – Temples of Apedemak and Amon

One of Sudan’s most important archaeological attractions, the site of Naga is located about 30 km to the east of the Nile, about 130 km north of Khartoum. It is one of the two main centres that developed during the Meroitic Period.

In Naga, in a typical Saharan environment with rocks and sand, there is the Apedemak Temple (1st century A.D) – a wonderful building with bas-relief decorations with the image of the god with the lion head, of the Pharaoh and of the noblemen and several ritual images of the Apedemak god.

A few dozens of metres away there is a small and odd construction with arches and columns, named “kiosk”, in which we can notice the Egyptian, the Roman and the Greek styles at the same time.

Not far away another there is another temple dedicated to Amon with many statues of rams and beautiful temple entrances decorated with bas-reliefs.


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