Tour Group at the Meroe Pyramids

Travel to Meroe – Royal City & Pyramid Necropolis

The desert setting of the Royal Necropolis of Meroe is simply breathtaking – more than 20 distinctive and elegant pyramids, burial sites of the dead kings of Meroe, sitting atop small hills disguised with sweeping yellow sand dunes.

The lack of large numbers of other travellers adds to the sense of discovery on arriving at this remote burial ground. Surprisingly, many of the pyramids are in a near perfect state of preservation. To the west of the Royal Necropolis lie the partially excavated ruins of the Royal City of Meroe – the residence of the Kings of Meroe between 592 BC and 350 AD.

Nubian pyramids have no mortuary room inside; the real tomb is dug inside the rock below and is connected with the outside with an inclined tunnel with a small temple at its entrance. The walls are fully decorated with bas-reliefs that show the King’s life and the gods.

Among the most interesting finds at the Royal City is a granite stele with symbols in Meroitic engraved writing, as yet to be interpreted. The ruined Temple of Amun is still standing, together with the remains of several palaces and a ‘swimming pool’.

For a foray into the desert or a ride around the Necropolis, camels can be hired at the Royal Necropolis. Climb a sand dune and rest a while to contemplate the beauty of this forgotten Royal Necropolis.

Meroe is situated some 230 km north of Khartoum, approximately 3 km from the right bank of the Nile. Private transport by 4WD is recommended for a thorough discovery of this area.

  • Watch sunrise over the pyramids of the Royal Necropolis
  • Take time to soak up the view from the top of a nearby hill
  • Explore the ruins of the Royal City of Meroe


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