Old Dongola

Old Dongola

Travel to Old Dongola – Christian Monasteries and Churches

On top of a hill on the east bank of the Nile River lies the remains of Old Dongola. A Christian site with the ruins of two monasteries covering an area of 3 square kilometres. The Throne Hall, with its metre thick walls, is two storeys tall with several rooms and chambers to explore. In the 13th century the Throne Hall was converted into a mosque which was in regular use until 1969.

The Church of the Granite Columns was a grand cathedral and the seat of Old Dongola’s bishops. Many columns still remain.

Close by is the Monastery of the Holy Trinity – an archeological site currently being excavated – permission is needed to visit the site.

In the 7th to 14thh centuries Dongola was the capital of the Kingdom of Makuria ruling from the first Cataract to Atbara.

A private vehicle is needed to reach Old Dongola as there is no public transport. A vehicle ferry operates from El Ghaba on the West Bank of the river to the site.


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