Wadi Haifa

Travel to Wadi Haifa – Where Sudan and Egypt meet

Wadi Haifa is the main crossing between Egypt and Sudan, a sprawling town on the edge of Lake Nasser. Weekly ferries are the only link to Egypt, an 18 hour voyage and an excellent way to relax and experience local life.

The town of Wadi Haifa itself does not have any great attraction, climb the rocky hill in the middle of town to get views over the Lake or visit the local market which is full of Egyptian produce.

Prior to 1960 the town was bustling and business was booming, however on completion of the Aswan Dam the original town of Wadi Haifa was submerged with many of the residents moving away and others having to rebuild their homes and lives in the new town.

The new town centre is set back from the lake as water levels can rise and the banks flood.


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