Upper Nile Region

Travel to Upper Nile Region – Lands of the Upper White Nile

In southeast Sudan the former province of Upper Nile now comprises three states – Jonglei, Unity and present-day Upper Nile. While the national government in Khartoum maintains the name Unity, the new autonomous government of South Sudan refers to the state as Western Upper Nile.

Prior to an administrative reorganisation in 1994, Unity was part of a much larger province of Upper Nile. It was in this state that the first Sudanese oil reserves were found in the 1970s. Bor is the capital of Jonglei, Bentiu is the capital of Unity and Malakal is capital of Upper Nile. The town of Kodok, the location of the Fashoda incident that ended the ‘Scramble for Africa’, is located in Upper Nile.


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