Travel to Uganda – Gorilla Safaris in the Pearl of Africa

Uganda’s beauty so took Winston Churchill’s breath away that he named it ‘The Pearl of Africa’. Although a small country in size by African standards, Uganda is nevertheless full of life – a vibrant, stimulating destination with incredibly warm and hospitable people. The lifeblood of tens of millions of Africans is the Nile, the world’s longest river, the source from which is Lake Victoria – one of earth’s great lakes. This exuberant life force is inescapably present everywhere in Uganda.

Perched on an equatorial plateau, the country pulses with nature’s self-celebration. The abundant forests, lakes, rivers, savannah, volcanoes, mountains – even the towns and cities – are bursting with life of every kind. In Uganda there are over 1,000 bird species, the greatest variety of primates in the world, big game, vast river fish, rolling tea and coffee plantations and bright torrents of butterflies. Like explorers of old, modern-day travellers are drawn to Uganda by the spirit of exploration. So, what are you waiting for? Dust off your pith helmet, grab your digital camera and discover wonderfully evocative places such as ‘The Mountains of the Moon’ or the ‘The Source of the Nile’ for yourself!

  • Get active – white water raft on the Victoria Nile, one of Africa’s best rafting destinations, or trek to the top of an equatorial mountain in the Rwenzori’s
  • View big game and encounter over 10 species of primate in equatorial rainforests, spot over 1,000 bird and 1,000 species of butterfly
  • Enjoy breathtaking surroundings, see some of Africa’s most best waterfalls and discover tranquil lakes, ancient forests, awesome rivers and soaring mountainscapes


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