Travel to Madagascar – Diverse Island of Lemurs & Landscapes

Isolated from Africa millions of years ago, Madagascar – the world’s fourth largest island – has evolved an incredibly rich ecology and landscape that is as bizarre as it is unique. Home to one of the richest ecosystems on Earth, travellers are in awe of its quirky lemurs that walk upright and endemic varieties of baobab and octopus trees.

Madagascar is home to nearly one-quarter of all the flowering plants in Africa. It also boasts 90% of the known species of lemur, and half the world’s population of chameleons. Marvel at the diverse landscapes this country has to offer – from lush tropical rain forest to idyllic tropical beaches to remarkable jagged limestone pinnacles. Madagascar simply oozes adventure.

However it is the Malagasy people that demonstrate Madagascar is unlike anywhere else on the planet. A melting pot of descendants of seafarers from the Indian Ocean, the Far East and mainland Africa, they are proudly distinct from the peoples of continental Africa and are unfailingly polite and hospitable.


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