Travel to Ambatolampy – Malagasy Mimosas

Ambatolampy is a town located 70 kilometres south of Antananarivo Province. The town is beautiful, especially in July and August when the mimosa trees blossom.

It is a seemingly calm and cool place till you discover the charm of the lively and warm welcome of its different scents such as pine, eucaluptus, and cypree essence.

Visit the fish-ponds and forest station at Manjakatompo with its small rivers, breathtaking waterfalls, lakes, and ponds where you can find trout, black-bass, and tilapias; Ambavaloza and Andrianamovoka waterfalls; the Royal Palace; and the cold lake of Mahafompana with its ducks, wildfowls, and water birds.

Climb Tsinjoarivo and trek up the third highest mountain in Madagascar, Tsiafajavona.


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