Antsiranana Province

Antsiranana Province

Travel to Antsiranana Province (Diego Suarez) – Province at the Far North

Antsiranana is a city at the extreme north of Madagascar. The region forms a triangle between Cap d’Ambre and the two peninsulas of Ampasindava and Masoala. The city was named for Diego Suarez, a Portuguese navigator who visited the bay in 1543.

In the 1880s, the bay was coveted by France, which desired it as a coaling station for steamships. After the first Franco-Hova War, Queen Ranavalona III signed a treaty on December 17, 1885 giving France a protectorate over the bay and surrounding territory, as well as the islands of Nosy Be and Ste. Marie de Madagascar.

The colony’s administration was subsumed into that of Madagascar in 1896. France continued to use the city as a military base after the Malagasy independence 1960 until the socialist revolution of 1973.


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