Ampijoroa Reserve

Travel to Ampijoroa Reserve – Forest Reserve Renowned for Birds

Located in Ankarafantsika Reserve, the Ampijoroa Forestry Reserve is one of the most popular places of interest in Mahajanga.

The reserve is famous among locals as well as travellers for its exquisite beauty, rugged terrain and dense forests. Hundreds of people from all around the world come to the see the varied wildlife the forests have to offer.

Some of the species of birds that can be seen in the reserve are the White-breasted Mesite and Coquerel. Van Dam’s Vang, Crested and Red-capped coua’s and Schlegels’ Asity are some of the other popular species of birds that can be seen in the Ampijoroa Forestry Reserve.

Occasionally, Madagascar Crested Ibis and White-throated Rail can be seen. Many Buzzard, Harrier Hawk, Frances’s sparrow hawks and Banded Kestrel are also found in the forest reserve. The major attraction of the site however is the Madagascar Fish Eagle.

A large number of Vasa Parrot and Madagascar Pygmy Kingfishers can also be observed.


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