Anjohibe Caves

Travel to Anjohibe Caves – Spectacular Cathedral-like Caves

Anjohibe caves is a series of cathedral-like caves, situated 80 kilometres from Mahajanga in the southern part of the dry sandy savannah of the Mahavo plains.

The caves have a rich amount of speleothems, beatiful calzite and aragonite crystals, helictites and much more. An underground river in the lower parts of the cave system is home to cave loving animals, like eels and turtles.

Because of the many entrances, there is also a rich fauna in the dry parts of the cave. Small rodents, snakes (pythons of beautiful size), sweetwater turtles, birds of prey and many other birds live in the cave.

There are two places to visit, the caves themselves and a natural swimming pool above a waterfall.The caves are full of stalactites and stalagmites (and bats), and have 2 kilometres of passages.


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