Travel to Mahajanga – Tropical Northern City

Mahajanga, also called Majunga, is a city, a district, and a province on the north-west coast of Madagascar, located on the Canal de Mozambique (it is on the Betsiboka River, which then leads to Bombetoka Bay).

Mahajanga is a wealthy region thanks to its tropical products. It is the second port of the country as numerous sailing ships visit from the Comores islands or the African coast. The city has several beautiful beaches and a coconut tree-lined boardwalk.

Capital of the region, indeed, of the Royal Kingdom of Boina of the Sakalava people, the city still has an Arab feel to it.

Visit the Caverns of Anjohibe, the most attractive of the country, as well as the impressive estuary of the Betsiboka river. Lake Managasta, the Doany Manongarivo, the Grand Pavois, the Petite Plage, the Tiurist Village, Ampazony, and Katsepy are also worth a visit.


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