Mantadia National Park

Indri Lemur

Travel to Mantadia National Park – Perinet Reserve, Rainforest & Indri

Mantadia National Park is a 15,500 hectare protected area consisting principally of primary growth forest, 145 kilometres east of Antananarivo. The park’s height ranges from 900 to 1,250 metres.

Mantadia rainforest is habitat to a vast species biodiversity, including many endemic rare and endangered species.

The park consists of two protected areas, the special Reserve of Indri d’Analamazaotra and the National Park of Mantadia. Analamazaotra, better known as Perinet, is world famous for its population of Indri lemurs which are the largest living lemur.

Visitors may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of diademed sifaka and black and white ruffed lemurs. Both Perinet and Mantadia are exceptionally rich in frogs and reptiles.

The park includes 11 lemur species, 112 bird species, 39 reptile species, frogs and mammals.


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