Nosy Boraha (Sainte Marie Island)

Ile Sainte Marie Beaches

Travel to Nosy Boraha (Sainte Marie Island) – Paradise Island with Lagoon

Nosy Boraha, also known as the Island of Sainte Marie, is an island off the east coast of Madagascar.

Thanks to its endless deserted beaches overhung with coconut palms, luxuriant vegetation, clove and coconut plantations, combined with the gentle welcome of the people, Nosy Baraha is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Madagascar.

The lagoon of Nosy Boraha is endowed with significant coralline growth. Its underwater fauna is preserved as a natural heritage and first-class diving site in the Indian Ocean.

Nosy Bohara became a popular base for pirates throughout the 17th and 18th centuries for the following reasons: the island was not far from the maritime routes along which ships returning from the Indies sailed in transit, their holds overflowing with wealth, it was provided with bays and creeks protected from storms, and finally, it had abundant fruit and was situated in quiet water.

The channel between Nosy Boraha and Madagascar is a hot spot for whale watching.


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